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Pressed but not Crushed

Imagine being in a throng, squeezed into a room with many you do not know.  People are pressing from every side and you move to try to relieve the pressure.  They just keep coming.  No matter which angle you move your body, no matter where you turn, there is a crush weighing in on you.  You look from side to side, trying to find an escape.  The air is getting hot and clammy; you need to get out or you will lose your mind.  Still turning, looking for a way of escape, you see someone across the room that you know.  Here is your way out.  You know your friend can help you.  There is confidence now.  You can wait a little longer because you know your friend is there and will get you free.

The crowd begins to part and there stands your friend.  You take his hand and he leads the way through the press, out into the open.  You breathe deep of the clean, fresh air.  Your mind begins to clear and you have a peace.  He came through for you again; why did you even doubt?

Friend, I have found myself in this place many times.  A place that seems everywhere I turn there is a crush, a feeling of defeat.  I have been in a literal crush of people, escaping a natural disaster, and it was a terrible feeling.  But I have found myself in a mental tug of war, a mental crush many more times than I can count.  The Bible says that we have an enemy and he is trying to destroy.  What better way than to overtake our minds with sorrow and shame?

On these occasions that I find myself crowded with hurts and pressure, I tend to forget my friend who has brought me out of every trial.  Why do I even doubt?  When the pressure is mounting and I can’t see the escape, it is hard to relax and let go of my control.

I want to stay in control of every situation.  To relinquish control means that I am weak.  Guess what?  I AM weak!  I couldn’t escape the terror by night or the enemy by day if it weren’t for my friend!

I have recently had financial stress; and it has been VERY hard.  I have also had problems in my body for which I will have surgery.  After the surgery they will biopsy.  How scary is that?  I have three teens, I home school my children, every way I turn I seem to hit an obstacle.  I have prayed and cried and begged and blubbered.  It looks to no avail.  I have sat in my prayer closet and asked, “Where are you, God?  Why?”  But through all of this, I still held on to the faith that no matter what, God is still in control.  Why do we go through the fire?  To come out as gold.  Every person on earth goes through trials, whether they believe there is a God or not.  I  want to  have someone I can lean on in these trials.  I would not want to go through these things believing there is no God, for God alone can save me! Yes, I am weak and I need a supernatural being to help me through life.

As I have pondered on God’s Word, I remembered a verse that sums up my thoughts.  I looked it up, and the meaning of the words.  It is a beautiful summary.  This verse tells me God knows where I am and He hears me when I call.  It may not be an immediate response, but He will help.

II Corinthians 4:8-9

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

troubled-to crowd, afflict, throng, suffer tribulation

distressed-to hem in closely, cramp

perplexed-to have no way out, be at a loss mentally, doubt

despair-to be utterly at a loss

persecuted-press toward, to pursue

forsaken-leave, desert

cast down-fall

destroyed-die, perish, lose

Even in the throng, the pressure, the doubt; we are not left to die.  Jesus will pick us up and dust us off and tell us to run…keep running.  The race is not to the swift, but to those who endure to the end.

Keep running!

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Watch Your Back!

It’s 6 am and the alarm is resonating in my head. I roll over and slap the offensive noise maker and the constant beeping is crippled. That is when I realize, someone is watching me. When I drop my children off at school and begin the work day, someone is watching me. A chill eases down my spine. I have to watch my back because there is someone out there watching my every move. I must be careful. As my family gathers at the supper table, someone is peering through my soul. There are eyes and ears everywhere, watching and listening, waiting for my response. What will I do? Will I slap the alarm clock too hard? Will I lose patience with my children? Will I gossip at the supper table? I am a mother and there are many people learning from my life. How will my life impact those around me? Can you relate? It seems that every mistake is noticed, but what about the good? Will my children grow to be responsible adults who love God?

Proverbs 31 is a great place to start when you must live your life out loud. King Lemuel’s mother was a very wise woman. She taught him everything he needed to choose his soul mate. You can be the ultimate soul mate for your husband and the ultimate mother for your children! Of course, you will make mistakes, but that is what repentance is for-to turn around and do better.

Read Proverbs 31: 10 What are your thoughts on this verse?

A virtuous woman is hard to find, but when she is found, she is a treasure far above the price of rubies. A ruby is hard to find, therefore it is worth a good deal. The ruby also goes through a heating process to be purified. How many trials have you had to endure to get you where you are? The intense pressure and heat is to shape you and purify you so you can be of great value to your family. How do you become this woman of great price? Keep reading, the answers are in the Word.

Read verse 11 Does your husband trust you with his heart?

The word spoil in this verse means let fall; make self a prey. Wow! He will not fall prey to things that are out in this world if his heart is safely tucked away with his wife. Can your husband trust you to love him no matter what happens? Can your children see truth in your life? Read I Corinthians 13. What are the meaning of these words?

Suffereth long:




Puffed up:Unseemly:

Seeketh not her own:


Thinketh no evil:







Now read the chapter again, but with a greater understanding of the type of love that you must show in order for your husband to entrust you with his heart. If you love your famil as the scripture says, it would be very hard for them to fall prey to the enemy. The devil is as a roaring lion seeking someone to devour, but if you submit yourself to God, you can overcome and your family will be more likely to overcome the temptations of this world.

Read Proverbs 31:12 What good can you do for your husband?

Now read verse 13 Do you willingly do things for your family? I have to admit, I sometimes have a hard time doing laundry or dishes willingly! Do you find clothes at a bargain or do you frivolously spend on trinkets? Are you willing to do you laundry or do you throw the clothes away and get more? Seriously, I knew a lady who did this! What are some ways you can work willingly with your hands?

Read verse 14. Like the merchant’s ships? Bringeth food from afar off? A merchant would trade and sell many things to and from other places. His ship would carry things of value to and from country and city. A merchant wanted his goods to be of value so he could sell them and make a name for his business. He wanted to make the customer happy. Do you try your provide the best for your family, or do you throw things together and hope everyone doesn’t complain? I am so guilty of cutting corners. While working at school full time, I have no time (excuses) to cook the best, so I have compromised. Hot dogs, pre-fab chicken patties, you name it. My daughter had been getting sick; so sick she was losing a lot of weight. I took her to several doctors and tried many things, but to no avail. I began to wonder if it was all the processed food I was feeding my family. I began cooking from scratch and my daughter has gotten much better! What areas do you need to improve so that you can give your family the best?

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